Take a look at the History of Slots

One of the most popular games in online casinos is slots. Wherein players put their money in, pull the lever. And wish that the reels match up for the great payout. It is mostly played by many since it is a simple game to play. To win the game, it doesn’t need any special skills or to be an expert. Whether land-based or online, there is a lot to pick from. For those who are interested to know the origin of this game. This will give you some idea of the history of the slot game.

Origin of Slot Machines

The word slot machine pertains to standard vending machines. When it was first formulated in the 1880s. The name is derived from releasing a nickel into the coin slot to gain the product you like. The first machines in 1885, were designed and created for gambling. Yet, they have quite similarities with today’s slot machines. A Brooklyn establishment in 1891, evolved a machine that was closer to what is well-known these days.

This machine consists of 5 drums, and every drum has 10 various faces on it. The jack of hearts and 10 of spades was not part of most machines. This made it difficult for people to have a royal flush.  It is just that mechanical payouts were not always part of most machines.


The inventor of the first slot machine is often named Charles Augustus Fey. There is no exact information about the date of when the first machine was made. Yet, it is believed to happen between 1887-1895. Fey developed a machine that lets automatic payouts. He lessened the difficulty of reading a win for the machine to do this.

This was attained by changing the current 5 drums with 3 reels. They substitute the playing cards with 5 symbols. Spades, hearts, diamonds, liberty bell, and horseshoes. The top payout was granted for 3 bell symbols, the machine was known as the Liberty Bell. The machine received great demand.

The Liberty Bell keeps being manufactured despite being banned officially in 1902. The period of the fruit machine started. These machines make use of fruit symbols and prizes were paid out in sweets and chewing gum. Operator Bell was produced by Herbert Mills in 1907. A Chicago-based manufacturer. By 908, the machine was established in most bowling alleys, salons, and shops.

For several years, slot machines were maintained automatically. To begin the game, you have to pull down a lever. This will set the reels to move.


In 1964, Bally released the first entire electromechanical slot. The reels were managed fully electrically. Yet, the game still begins by pulling the lever. This is the 1st slot machine with an endless hopper, this makes it an automatic payout of up to 500 coins. The game is very famous. This resulted in the improved supremacy of electromechanical slots. In 1976, the first video slot was produced. A Las Vegas-based company Fortune coin was manufactured in Kearny Mesa California. For the display, the game used a 19-inch Sony TV. This game was first available in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

1196 Onwards

In 1996, was the release of Reel Em by  WMS Industries, Inc. This is the next achievement in the history of slots. It is the first video slot to promote a 2nd screen bonus round. A fully different screen was shown when the bonus round was provoked. During this bonus round, extra payouts could be achieved. They were in charge of almost 70% of the casino’s income. You can check agen idn for more useful details about slot machines.