Simple Tips to Win Your Way on Online Tennis Betting

Despite not being a mainstream sport, online tennis betting is immensely popular worldwide. Unlike other team games where multiple players, a referee, pitch and weather interferences are involved, tennis involves very few variables, which make betting easier due to easier predictability. Use the limited external variables to your advantage strategically to win bucks.

Play online tennis betting online:

There are tons of online betting companies offering countless betting lines. Look out for licensed casinos who offer a wide selection of casino games. Check out online tennis betting at the Asia’s largest betting company. They are highly secure and have excellent reviews. Before you place your bet learn the nuances involved to increase your W88 tennis odds.

Factors to consider:

  • Court surface – Tennis is played in 3 surfaces and a player’s performance varies according to it. Grass ones are the fastest surface with low bounce. Hard courts are comparatively slower and have a predictable bounce. Clay is the slowest surface but has added bounce. Check which court surface works favourable for the player you are betting on.
  • Player’s style of play – There are many players whose performance is better against opponent’s play style like a big serve while they may find it hard to handle good returners. Learn these details of the player before betting on them.
  • Injuries and form – When a player is injured or tired due to playing continuous matches, it affects his/ her performance. Track a player’s injury information and the recent match schedule to see if there are factors that impact their performance.

Popular betting tricks:

Prior to placing bets ensure that it is a value bet for long-term win. Calculate it and analyse if it is of good value.


During unbalanced matches involving an underdog and favourite, place a small bet on the underdog before the start of the game. Even if the favourite doesn’t take an early lead, place a higher bet on them to win 2-0 in the sets since they still have better chances to win. Even if the favourite loses, you still win bucks from your pre-match bet.

Intermediate and expert level:

Intermediate level players can place bets by predicting the number of games that would be played in a match. Better has to research more about the game, the players involved and their service percentage before placing the bet.

Try your hand at online tennis betting. Use these tips to win more bucks.