Gambling an upcoming timepass for players

Gaming can be classified as online and offline or as a game of skills and game of chance or as games involving money and simple games with no element of monetary benefit.

Casino games are played for purposes of entertainment, monetary incentives, and are predominantly games of skills. However in the present times what is happening is that most of the games that involve skills and monetary elements are looked down upon as being immoral. This characterization of casino and gambling games has led the government agencies to impose a lot of regulations on them.

Over-regulation by the state which sees itself as the protector of the morals in the society and as a fatherly figure results in the trimming of individual capacities and skills. This undermines the capacity of the individual to be the judge of this own self-interest and to appropriately use his skills. 

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The notion that online gambling and other similar games are immoral needs to be changed because this only paints one side of the picture and does not showcase the other point of view of which is that of the players who see it as being the embodiment of their skills helping them to earn money and hence is also a source of livelihood for them.

Risk-taking is the inherent trait of human beings and this trait has been passed down from generations. This makes it difficult for the state to completely regulate the domain of gambling is it online or offline. The regulation should be such that it does not kill individual incentives but on the other hand, promotes healthy risk-taking among the stakeholders.

77betSG is such a platform that tries to complement the regulations with the interest of the players so that it is safe for the players and also at the same time for the government agencies giving them no chance to seek its footprint in the gambling environment and allow players to participate without any intrusion from the government side.

Hence, gambling should be promoted but at the same time, it should be made sure that government does not feel the necessity to come over and regulate the gambling affairs but keeps a hands-off approach and this is made possible by software and applications like 77bet SG. Players shouldn’t compromise at all with rules and regulations.